A Delta Easter

Today is Easter Sunday.  For me it has never been a big holiday. Growing up my family would go to church and visit relatives.  But for me personally it never had the special significance that Christmas or Thanksgiving do.  About the only tradition I personally have is eating Cadbury cream eggs every year around this time because … well just because. When I went to college we only got one day off and being that it was near the end of the semester it didn’t seem worth the effort to travel all the way back from Buffalo for just one day.  Thus you can imagine that the concept of flying back from the Delta is not attractive.

Mississippians seem to see things differently.  First of all Good Friday is a holiday around here.  Delta State was closed then instead of Monday as SUNY Albany and SUNY Buffalo where when I attended.  And people where talking about Easter and making plans.  Several coworkers asked if I was going home and were surprised to find that I was not.  Around town folks were making plans to travel, see family, and go to church (at dawn apparently).    Even the local froyo shop is closed.

For me this weekend has been uneventful.  A planned work day at the community garden on Friday was cancelled when the organizer realized there wasn’t much to do.  So I’ve been catching up on work and relaxing.  With most of that done today is a lazy day of sleeping in and cooking.

Holidays in general are boring with out something to do.  At least on the 4th of July there are fireworks, but some such as Labor Day can be downright dull.  Still it is good to unwind every so often and holidays are the perfect excuse to do just that since businesses (and DSU) tend to be closed.  However that gets old eventually.  But there may be hope for the next holiday!  Stay tuned to find out what that is and where the Rambling New Yorker will travel to next.

Article by Mike

Mike is the Head of Discovery Services for the Delta State University Library. He has lived in Cleveland since May 2013.

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