Coming to an End

Four years ago I came to Cleveland, fresh out of graduate school.  It was my first professional job and my first time living outside New York State.  I had never been down South and really didn’t know what to expect.  But I knew I had a job, an apartment, a Walmart nearby, and an internet connection.  So if nothing else, I could get by with just the basic necessities.

Despite my initial concerns, I thrived.  Cleveland turned out to be a great place to live.  The people are friendly, living is cheap, and there is a good sense of community.  I made friends through Delta State and through the local community garden.  In my working life, I grew my professional skillset and made many interesting connections.   Serving Delta State helped me find my passion for technology and gave me a direction for my career.

Yet for all the good times I’ve had living in the Delta there were always downsides.  Cleveland is very isolated. It is far from home.  And as someone who is always on the go, the slower pace of life doesn’t really suit me.  From this outset this journey was an adventure for me, even though I was not always fully aware of the fact.  And all adventures must end.

And thus my time in Cleveland will be coming to a close.  On July 14, after many months of searching and applying, I accepted a position as a Systems Librarian at Skidmore College.   Located on Saratoga Springs, NY the move will see me return to the Capital Region I left four years ago.  My start date is set for early September.  In order to give myself time to relocated I will begin the journey home in mid-August.

For those of you who have followed my blog from day 1, thank you very much. It has been a wonderful journey.  With my return home, there will no longer be a need to maintain the Rambling New Yorker.  It was always a chronicle of my journey to the land of the Blues.  As that journey ends, so too must the story written on these pages.  Therefore this post will be my last.  In the coming weeks I will be archiving this blog as a static website and will turn my attention to relocating back to the land of sometimes winter.  I wish all of you well on your journeys.  This is the rambling New Yorker signing off.

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