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As the title of my blog implies, I am from in the New York City area.   In reality that means I was born in the Bronx, but grew up out in the suburbs.   My whole life was spent in the state of New York.  But everyone must leave the nest eventually.  Thus in August 2010, I left to attend the University at Albany to obtain a Masters Degree in Information Science as well as a second Masters in History.  Two and a half years later I found myself walking across the stage at graduation.  Soon after, one of the many places I’d sent my resume gave me a call.  Delta State University was looking for a new Systems Librarian and they were interested in me.   I accepted the position in April 2013 and was thus on my way to a far off land known as the Mississippi Delta.

This blog is a chronicle of my journey.  The last two years have been great.  Life in the Delta is not as I envisioned.  Sure its isolated and impoverished, but there are also a lot of cool people and a strong local culture.  Cleveland, Mississippi is partly a college town yet also more than that.  It’s also a center of life and social activity.   Most people have to live here to appreciate it.  But this here blog is the next best thing.

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